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Logging In


You will need the following in order to rent a locker using this system:

  • MyNorQuest Student Portal/Moodle username and password
  • A debit Visa, Mastercard or Visa credit card


Renting a locker

Follow these steps to rent a locker:

  1. Click the "New Rental" button from your home page.
  2. Search for a locker with your desired criteria (building, size, etc.)
  3. Select a locker from the results page. If you are using a web browser, double-click a locker to select it or select a locker and click Next. For smartphone and tablet users, click on a locker to expand it, then click the "Rent this Locker" button.
  4. Select the rental term from the drop-down list. The cost and end date for your rental will be displayed.
  5. You must accept to abide by the terms of the locker rental agreement by selecting the box below it. 
    You must read through the Locker rental terms and agreement. Until you have read through the agreement, the check box to agree to terms and make payment will not be available.
  6. Once you have read through the locker agreement and accepted its terms by selecting the agreement box, you will be able to proceed to the payment section.
  7. Enter your payment details.
  8. Once the payment is confirmed, you will be returned to your home page. The newly rented locker will now appear in the "My Lockers" area.
  9. Click on the "Combination" link to retrieve the combination for your locker.


If you need help

Please check the answers to the Frequently Asked Questions before contacting support for the fastest resolution to your issue. If you are unable to resolve your issue, please contact us by email at, calling (780)644-6200 or visiting The Core at Singhmar Centre for Learning.